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Broken · words

I don't know why I am here

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I just simply am ..................I guess reflection brings us back to so many differant aspects of our lives .........I have gone through so much in the past year everything has changed ........I know alot more about myself but in learning so much I know nothing at all . What I believed in before means nothing to the woman I am today. I bullshited myself into a corner into my ego induced ramblings of a mad woman . I am not recognizable right now my heart and my mind are open to all these feelings I have kept within my walls for so long . This process is hard sometimes I think I need medication but then I realize prayer the steps and a little humility was what I needed all along .Humility that took the longest for me to realize what it really means . I am growing in this life of mine through my love my family . I do not know where I am going here the computer is not really my thing anymore other things mean a hell of alot more . Every moment I am on here I could be doing something more important . I am just on here cause my multicolored man is at work and I miss him terribly and late night step work gets you introspective and a little antsy .
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