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I was contacted tonight by my best friend from long beach I had to really wrestle with whether or not I ever wanted to open that door of not only allowing these people in my life in any way but of knowing the reality of everything that happened to people I once considered family . My crazy life is a understatement she reminded me of how crazy life was . I found out that my fifteen year old other best friend was pistol whipped to death by her boyfriend shortly after I dropped off the face of the earth . My heart hurts thinking of that I look at my daughters and know exactly how much trouble girls that age can get into . Sometimes with their choices they can end up dead . Memory was a beautiful girl with a good heart screwed up because her mother was a drug addict she ran the streets and refused to listen we were exactly alike in alot of ways looking for approval trying to find a family . We just wanted to know someone cared . She got involved with a older guy and got pregnant . I remember the last time I saw her she was about seven months pregnant sitting on a swing at a park over by the mall . She had dyed blonde hair and she was one of the prettiest girls I ever knew . We talked about stupid fifteen year old crap who was fucking what bitches ass we were going to kick . This was strong beach and the life of a homegirl. We did nothing but run . We had to run we all were so fucked up . I got pregnant not long after the last time I saw her . I was homeless and I moved away and I never looked back I let everyone go . To know now that Memory was killed less than a month later breaks my heart . She had a heart alot of the other girls I knew did not . With what I am going through with Lily right this scares me . When we were fifteen we thought we knew everything and we knew nothing . We made alot of choices that not only affected the rest of our lives but also for some of us it took our life away .
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