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“It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.” -T.B.

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I dislike this alcoholic mind of mine
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annoyed annoyed
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POR VIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I fucking miss you and so does my walking wall :(
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I am in one of those rip your head off type moods
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I am in love
yeah I think I am a bit surprised still
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Some people are just so full of themselves ..........there are things you notice with a differant perspective as you grow older and life changes around you ..........I measure things differantly .......I never allowed mysellf t really see how much of a little girl I was how much I was just another brat throwing a tantrum .........but there are things you can only learn with life experiance . I have learned so much and I have grown ......I am nothing special life is simple I get what I give I work hard I scrape out a existance for me my family .
I used to think differantly I held onto ideas of grandeur that I was somehow differant how nobody ever truly understood me that I was a wolf among sheep but in my ego I lost my soul my spirit . You can't be humble when you dont shut up or shut down and really listen . I am not above anyone .
God heals all wounds not me . God talks through me and others not to me . I am not a special flower or a unmoveable tree I am a human being learning loving walking through this life I am fallable I make mistakes and life happens ...........I dont live in my delusions dreaming of what I should be or fearing what others think of me .
I am not a little girl I am a grown woman my mistakes are my own and there is never a good reason to hurt others . You get what you give .. ........
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Life is what it is .................I never questioned but I seemed to have found a few answers ...........I am trying to find myself I am finding that spirituality I lost somewhere along the way it is finding me ....I open up I let go and I allow myself to breathe its not my will my thoughts my wants its what god wills in my life I may noot see the answers I may not even see the question but everything that I need to know is right before me
I thank god for what I have today and that is not just the exterior wants ..........I thank him for my clarity my realization and the small bit of serenity I am finding again
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WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can never be close enough ........... I know in my heart that we are right for eachother ......I don't question what we have I just spend every day enjoying it
we will escape this desert hell and build a life together
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can washington handle us ?
well the state is not going to have a choice in this matter anyway ......
I am excited about this life we have made together simply beautiful
everything always works out for the best in the end
that is all
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